The Fertility Awareness Method: Myths and Facts

The Fertility Awareness Method: Myths and Facts

by Corinna Wood, Director, Southeast Wise Women Samantha was dismayed at the options for birth control: the side effects of the pill, the chemicals used with the diaphragm, the unreliability...
Wise Women Ways for Honoring Moontime

Wise Women Ways for Honoring Moontime

The ancient wisdom, that many women today are rediscovering, is that the Moontime is when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest, when we as women have a unique window into our own souls, our inner guidance, our divine wisdom. The physical and emotional intensity of this time is an opportunity for healing and release–when we nourish ourselves, body and soul, and allow all of who we are.

An Interview With Kathleen Maier — Simple Solutions

by Lee Warren Kathleen Maier is a much-loved teacher at the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference, year after year. We’re so happy to have her this year teaching an intensive, a...
September 04, 2009 — Red Moon Herbs

An Interview With ALisa Starkweather – Defining Empowerment

As the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference draws near (mid October), we’re taking this opportunity to feature some of the amazing teachers. Sharing her wisdom and description of empowerment is ALisa...
August 04, 2009 — Jeannie Dunn

An Interview With Bevin Clare, Herbalist and Mom

by Lee Warren Red Moon Herbs hosts the 8th annual Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference on October 12-14 in Black Mountain. Bevin Clare is a very special presenter. Here’s a short...
July 04, 2009 — Red Moon Herbs

An Interview with Dr. Jody Noé, Ethnobotanist

by Lee Warren At Red Moon Herbs and the SE Wise Women, we continue to gear up for the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference, on October 12-14, in Black Mountain.   This...
June 04, 2009 — Red Moon Herbs

Interview with Aviva Romm, MD – Walking in Two Worlds

Red Moon Herbs is a proud sponsor of the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference. The Special Guest Speaker for the 8th annual event this year is Aviva Romm, MD, herbalist, doctor, and midwife. Here’s a short interview with Aviva that we wanted to share with our readers.

June 04, 2008 — Red Moon Herbs