Herbalism Resources

American Herbalists Guild

The American Herbalists Guild was founded in 1989 as a non-profit, educational organization to represent the goals and voices of herbalists specializing in the beneficial use of plants.

Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism

The Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism is the oldest and most popular herb school in the Southeast, offering some classes with Corinna Wood, founder of Red Moon Herbs. 

Southwest School of Medicine

Acclaimed herbalist Michael Moore's website includes extensive educational material that is available for download, including several texts in the eclectic tradition of herbalism.

'Wildman' Steve Brill

Steve Brill, the 'Wildman', teaches wild foods foraging classes in New York City, including Central Park, and many other locations worldwide.


Women’s Health Resources

Compleat Mother

Compleat Mother is a wonderfully radical magazine on pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.

Cord Blood Center

Umbilical cord blood has helped children survive over 80 diseases including leukemia, lymphoma, and anemia and is now being used in older patients. The Cord Blood Center mission is to help others understand how cord blood can benefit and help save the lives of sick children in need.

Aviva Romm

Aviva Romm is an ivy league-trained MD and professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. She offers excellent resources on women's health and herbalism from an evidence-based perspective.

Corinna Wood

Corinna Wood has been practicing, teaching, and carrying on the Wise Woman Tradition for over 30 years. Corinna co-founded Red Moon Herbs in 1994 and made herbals from fresh, local plants for 20 years until passing on the baton to Jeannie Dunn. Corinna is also renowned as the founder and director of the legendary Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference. With extensive training and experience in herbalism and spiritual psychology for women, Corinna now teaches earth-based tools for inner growth and health.

Fertility Awareness Network

A coalition of Fertility Awareness Method teachers offering resources pertaining to pregnancy, fertility, and women's health.

House of La Matrona

The Matrona offers transformational programs focused on birth, health, and wisdom-keeping.

Four Flames Healing

Wise Woman herbalist and acupuncturist Jessica Godino, co-founder of Red Moon Herbs, offers acupuncture sessions and herbal consultations near Asheville, NC.

La Leche League

This national network provides 24/7 support for breastfeeding mothers.

Robin Rose Bennet

Located in New Jersey, Robin offers classes and consultations on herbs and specializes in the study of fertility and anti-fertility herbs, such as wild carrot seed. 

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Bestselling author Toni Weschler offers information on fertility awareness methods.

Weston A. Price Nutrition Foundation

Sally Fallon and the Weston A. Price Foundation offer nutritional information which is especially pertinent to women and is based on the research of traditional diets.

WNC Functional Health

This Wise Woman massage and holistic health care practice is located in Hendersonville, NC.


Goddess Artwork Resources

Bright Creations

Nancy Bright paints beautiful watercolor works of art.

Greenlees Forest Hand Crafted Jewelry & Wearable Art

Greenlees is a sweet mother-owned jewelry business.

Melissa Harris

Melissa offers notecards and prints of images illustrating the goddess in every woman.

New Moon Visions

Mara Friedman creates images honoring the sacred feminine.

Sacred Source

Sacred Source offers ancient goddess statues and deity images


Other Favorite Resources

Earthaven Ecovillage

This intentional permaculture community is where the Southeast Wise Women's Herbal Conference was based.

Earth School

Richard Cleveland teaches nature awareness and self reliance at the Earth School.

The REAL Center

The REAL Center teaches nonviolent communication and other relationship and intimacy skills through classes, coaching, and more.

Useful Plants Nursery

Useful Plants Nursery has over 300 varieties of edible and beneficial plants and is located at Earthaven Ecovillage near Black Mountain, NC.