Red Moon Herbs Staff

Guided by the Wise Woman Ways, Red Moon Herbs creates potent herbal products in small batches using the highest quality fresh plant material that is almost all local and all organically grown or wildcrafted.

Started in 1994 by Corinna Wood and Jessica Godino, Red Moon Herbs has seen many changes over the past 30 years, including incredible growth, several locations and, most recently, stringent compliance with FDA regulations regarding herbal products. In 2012, the directorship was passed to from Corinna Wood to Jeannie Dunn. Throughout these changes, the focus and mission of the business has remained strong and true: to create tried and true herbal preparations for the whole family from local, abundant plants.



Jeannie Dunn and Poke Root Herb (Phytolacca americana)



As a professional herbalist and North Carolina native, Jeannie has been wildcrafting and making herbal extracts, oils, and salves for over a decade. She studied formally at both the NC School of Natural Healing and One World Healing Arts, but her herbal roots go much further back to the back-to-basics lifestyle infused in her as a child. Jeannie picked strawberries, canned vegetables, and pulled weeds from row crops with her parents and three siblings on their multi-generational family farm in Efland, NC. Today, knowing the powerful beneficial properties of those 'weeds' she used to pull, Jeannie happily uses them in her fermentations, herbal extracts, and fun, health-affirming elixirs.

New Directions, Ancient Wisdom

As Jeannie has taken the directorship of Red Moon Herbs – overseeing both the art and the science of this earth-based, Wise Woman herbal business and herb hub – Corinna has stayed involved for support. The production studio has moved from Black Mountain to a new location in Candler, yet many of the plants are still wildcrafted from their original locations at Earthaven Eco-Village, and the sustainable, earth-centric practices continue to expand.

Under Jeannie’s direction, Red Moon Herbs is expanding to serve more locations locally and regionally, and new faces have joined the family. Click here to learn more about our current staff.

The herbal family at Red Moon is dedicated to the mission of creating potent, high-quality, and local herbal products made the Wise Woman Way, and enthusiastically maintain the company’s 30-year integrity. We look forward to serving all of our current and new customers with the best in planet-friendly plant preparations for decades to come.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

As a small, woman-owned business, we recognize, embrace, and value the diversity of our staff and supporters. Herbalism is first and foremost of the people, and we believe it to be traditional, rather than alternative. In the spirit of promoting accessibility, empowerment, and education, it is our policy to be inclusive, mindful, and affirmative of ALL people regardless of their age, culture, disabilities, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. Herbs for all!