Jeannie and Sofia Wise Woman Tradition

Red Moon Herbs products are still made in the Wise Woman Tradition of herbalism. This means that we focus holistically on a person as a composite of their stories rather than a set of health issues. This means that we use fresh plant material harvested during its peak potency and season and hand-prepare it into herbal preparations that are simple, beneficial, and as good for the planet as they are for the people.

Within the Wise Woman tradition, we are all self-healers and self-lovers who co-create health with our allies. Our allies can often be our health concerns and discomforts, our shadows bringing us gifts of wholeness and lightness. Our allies are wise women who support our transformation. Green allies and wild plants supply us with optimum nourishment. Our allies are wise women who care for us.

The Wise Woman Tradition is one of the most ancient health-focused traditions worldwide. It's represented by the spiral. Life is a never-ending, ever-changing circle. Disease and injury are entrances to new chapters and opportunities for change. We all have an inner wholeness, although we seek more; we're perfect, even though at times we want to be something other. Healthy, holy, and whole are synonyms. The material, mental, emotional, and spiritual are inseparable, bound together.

It's important to keep in mind that the practice encompasses the entire gender spectrum and does not exclude male-bodied individuals. Male-bodied people in the wise woman tradition discover the wise woman within themselves and connect with her.

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