Red Moon Herbs is very passionate about using prolific plants for our products and guarding those species that are endangered or at risk. We stand behind United Plant Savers (UPS) in their efforts to educate the public about plants that are at risk and to encourage sanctuaries and forest growth nationwide.

Red Moon Herbs is very involved with supporting organizations such as the North Carolina Natural Products Association (NCNPA) and the North Carolina Herb Association (NCHA), which bring more awareness to the natural products and herbal industries within our state and rippling beyond the borders nationwide.

Through these organizations, we collaborate with other small and medium-sized manufacturers who are supporting our local community with locally made products. We are grateful to be a North Carolina manufacturer of dietary supplements that continues to ethically wildcraft and consciously cultivate herbs statewide. We encourage others to join their own state’s organizations to promote local herbal or food activism so that all communities can move into a place of further self-reliance.