For us, green business and sustainability aren’t just buzz words. They are the way of life we have chosen. Here are some of the ways we bring our love of the earth into our business.

  • We use used and recycled materials.
Many of our packaging boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and padded envelopes are reused. We use recycled office products, including our copy paper, envelopes, file folders, and bags. 

Eco Enclose Committed to Sustainable Packaging Red Moon Green Practices

  • We minimize our waste.
We strive to use, wash, and reuse cloth towels rather than use disposable paper towels, which are the norm in the herb industry. When we do have to use paper products, we make sure they are recycled and compostable.
  • We use non-toxic ingredients and manufacturing practices that are safe for you and your family.
Nature's beneficial herbs are, of course, non-toxic for the consumer as well as the earth. When you simply hand-pick and soak plants in organic alcohol, organic olive oil, or organic vinegar, there’s no need for high-tech machinery, petroleum, or artificial ingredients. All of our materials are plant-based and fully biodegradable.
We choose non-toxic materials in our office and herb hub for your sake as well as ours, all the way down to our non-toxic correction fluid.
  • We use common, not endangered, plants as much as possible.
Whenever we can, we use only abundant, commonly occurring plants while allowing and encouraging threatened or endangered species to reestablish themselves. Our commitment to preserving the earth’s natural resources guides all our wildcrafting techniques, and stands of plants we return to each year flourish under these practices.
We are long-term supporters of United Plant Savers, an organization that serves to steward and protect at-risk and endangered herbs. United Plant Savers' mission is to protect native beneficial plants of the USA and Canada and their habitat ensuring a renewable supply for generations to come.
  • We harvest sustainably.

Our local farmers and wildcrafters commit to conscientious and earth-friendly cultivating and harvesting practices that allow for a sustainable future of herbalism. By practicing good habits such as sowing seeds, replanting crowns, and harvesting in appropriate locations at appropriate times according to each plant, we hope to preserve wild and cultivated herbs for generations to come.

  • We use local materials.
To reduce transportation costs and environmental impact, we source the goods and services we need as locally as possible.
  • We use local plants.
More than any other company we know of, Red Moon Herbs focuses on using common, local plants. We believe that much of the time, the plant power you need is growing right outside your door. It doesn’t GET any more local than your own backyard!
  • We support other green organizations.
    We work with similarly green-minded organizations and non-profits, such as the North Carolina Herb Association, the North Carolina Natural Products Association, the Lord's Acre, the Organic Grower's School, Blue Ridge Healers Without Borders, the American Herbalists Guild, Southeast Wise Women, and our community gardens, wildcrafters, farmers, and herbalists who maintain organic and sustainable practices.
    • We educate others.
    We love to inspire and educate the community about the benefits of the weeds right around them. Through blog posts, classes, and the Southeast Wise Women’s Herbal Conference, we teach people how to make their own herbal preparations, thus educating and empowering the world around us for the health of the planet and her people.

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