Red Moon Herbs is proud to make education a part of our mission. Herbalism remains the most commonly used form of healthcare worldwide and is practiced in every country on the planet. We believe that herbalism is of the people and that knowledge about it should be freely accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Classes at Red Moon Herbs

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Other Educational Opportunities

Each year, we take part in a number of national and local educational events that promote and share knowledge and use of herbalism. These include events like the Asheville HerbFest, the Organic Growers School Conference, NC Wild Herb Weekend, the American Herbalists Guild Annual Symposium, Medicines from the Earth, and, historically, the late Wise Women's Herbal Conference.

Attending educational events like these is a superb way to take part in the growing community of herbalists of all ages, locales, backgrounds, and belief systems. Many people who are interested in learning more about herbalism attend a school for more formal training or complete an apprenticeship under an experienced herbalist.

For a list of schools that teach herbalism see the American Herbalists Guild directory.