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In a mainstream so disconnected from our food, our sense of place, our heritage, we have chosen to prioritize being plugged in to the source of our medicine...and those who seed, water, tend, and pick it.

Roots like dandelion, burdock, and yellow dock are best dug in the late fall, early winter, or early spring when above-ground parts are more dormant. Leaves and blossoms are best picked in spring and summer when at their most vibrant. 

Bringing Back the Ancient Ways

Our growers and wildcrafters are the heart of our small operation. They hold ancient wisdom - like the harvest tidbit above - and base their harvests on the cycles of the moon and the optimal time for each plant to be picked and hand delivered to us in peak condition.

We have abundant gratitude and awe for our in-house growers and wildcrafters as well as our trusted allies below:

Maple Spring Gardens

Our Friendly Allies

Gentle Harmony Farm

Moonbranch Botanicals

High Rock Herbs

Green Heart Gardens

Bear Alchemy

Hap Mountain Herbal


Meet Our Herb Growers and Wildcrafters