How to Get the Most Benefits from Your Reishi Mushrooms

How to Get the Most Benefits From Your Reishi Mushrooms

I could write a book about the long-lauded benefits of reishi mushrooms, the king of the fungal forest, the crowning glory of beneficial mushrooms, the mushroom of immortality, the fungus of long and vibrant life, as it is known in much of Chinese medicine. But this blog post is not that.

(If you're curious about the benefits of mushrooms, you can scratch the surface with a quick internet search, or check out a couple resources here, here, and here.)

So, you may already be well aware of just how fabulous reishi is, but you may not know exactly how to incorporate this fungal friend into your everyday life with ease and grace and efficacy. That is what this blog post is. Here are 5 methods of using reishi that do just that.

March 09, 2018 — Heather Wood Buzzard
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