If I told you that I'd found a delightful summer sipping beverage that could make you live forever, would you believe me?

Reishi: The Immune-Enhancing Mushroom of Longevity

Perhaps immortality is a stretch - though reishi (Ganoderma tsugae/lucidum) is well known as the 'mushroom of immortality' in Chinese tradition - indicating that it is an effective longevity promoting tonic herb that may increase the human lifespan. To enjoy the many benefits of reishi mushroom decoction or tea, I usually cook the dried mushroom in broths, soups, or stews, or boil it into a strong tea.

While these are fantastic ways to access the beneficial components of reishi, none of them sounds particularly appealing in the heat of summer. That's where Long Life Lemonade - a cooling, nourishing, sweet, and nutritive beverage - comes in. It takes less than five minutes to make a batch and will last in the refrigerator for a few days. 

Reishi mushroom tea

Everything about this recipe is in-exact, as any good kitchen witch knows, so play around with it. Throw in some cardamom pods or cloves, use limes instead of lemons...experiment!

Long Life Reishi Lemonade Recipe

1/2 - 1 oz dried reishi slices

6 cups water

1 - 2 cinnamon sticks

2 - 4 tbsp lemon juice

stevia, sugar, maple syrup, or honey to taste

Place your dried reishi slices and cinnamon sticks in the water and bring to a boil. Simmer this mixture on low heat for one hour to even up to half a day or longer. The longer you simmer the mixture, the stronger the reishi will become and the more of its beneficial components - including polysaccharides, triterpenes, and flavonoids - will be imparted to the water.

Straining reishi mushroom tea

Strain the liquid off from the herbs, and mix in your lemon juice and sweetener while it is still warm. Refrigerate several hours or until cold. Serve over ice with a lemon or lime wedge to garnish.

 Reishi mushroom tea

This Long Life Lemonade was a hit with my 10-month-old (I only let him have a few sips because it was quite sweet, but he would have happily chugged it all down).

Not into the lemonade idea? We also offer reishi as a simple, potent dual extract, as part of our Long Life formula (along with astragalus and burdock), and in our Mushroom Elixir (along with chaga, turkey tail, and maitake). 

Baby drinking reishi lemonade

Here's to endless summers, long life, and good health!

June 19, 2017 — Heather Wood Buzzard


Heidi said:

Can you make these things with fresh reishi?

Brian cahill said:

Loved the reishi info. Now I have 2, 100 gram bags of reishi and cordyceps powder, Om brand. Can I still activate the nutrients by simmering with foods?

Victor said:

Found a huge reishi that made it through the winter still on the tree. Wondering if is still good.

Zena said:

Love this!!

Heather Wood Buzzard said:

Ron, reishi is really best simmered and would not extract fully so quickly as coffee. It would not be the best use of the herb. See here for more: https://redmoonherbs.com/blogs/womens-health-and-herbal-medicine/how-to-get-the-most-medicine-out-of-your-reishi-mushrooms

Ron said:

I make pot of coffee and drink it black takes about 3 days to drink a pot can I add reishe mushrooms to the pot and would there be any benefit from it?

jeanne said:

I made the reishi Long Life Lemonade, it was good! My last reishi recipe did not taste tasty.

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