Dandelion is no doubt one of the most giving and present plants, for any part of her is harvestable at virtually any time of the year that the plant graces you with her presence. Therefore, anytime is a great time for a bowl of this easy-to-whip-up dandelion dip, served with some crackers, fresh veg, or chips. And it's a dish wild enough to impress your friends, kids, or nosy neighbors with its foraged flavor of a hint of bitter balanced with garlic and salt.

We start by collecting bunches of dandelion greens fresh from the lawn, garden, farmer's market, or any other place you trust for your wild foods. If you have a little one to help you at this task, so much the better!

Baby picking dandelions

In the springtime, dandelion leaves tend to be a little less bitter and they continue to rev up that bitterness as summer gives way to fall. This dish helps us remember that bitter tastebuds are ones we have for a reason: bitters stimulate our digestive juices, kicking our GI system into high gear and encouraging salivary and metabolic actions. Although coffee is really one of the only 'bitters' we find in our food culture, bitter tasting plant foods are important and even essential for a healthy gut and digestive fire.

Chopping dandelion leaf

After dicing up the dandy leaves, and tasting a few for good measure (and giving a few to the baby to make him pucker with surprise!), we simply combine this green loveliness with cottage cheese, plain yogurt (preferably organic and full-fat, for the optimal nutrition), garlic powder, and salt (see exact measurements in the recipe above). Easy! The dip is now ready to be feasted on, with fingers, crackers, or whatever bread you have on hand.

Dandelion dip

Dippy Dandy Dandelion Dip

Serves 6 as an appetizer

1/2 cup full-fat cottage cheese
1/4 cup whole or Greek yogurt
1 cup dandelion greens, roughly chopped
Garlic powder
Salt, to taste

Add all ingredients together into a blender and mix thoroughly. Alternatively, you may finely mince the dandelion greens and fold them into a bowlful of the cottage cheese and yogurt mixture. Finally, add garlic powder and salt to taste. Dippy Dandy dip makes an excellent herbal meal starter served with crackers, carrot sticks, or chips.

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