by Anne Knoflicek

Jewelweed, Impatiens capensis, is a flowering plant with beautiful orange horn shaped blossoms that bloom from early summer and into the fall. It is also known as spotted touch-me-not, because of how the mature seeds spring out from the pod when touched. Jewelweed tends to grow in moist soil, often near creeks or streams.

The juicy stems and leaves can provide some cooling ease from the irritating itch of the poison ivy rash. If applied soon enough after coming into contact with poison ivy, it can sometimes help ward off the rash from appearing at all. 

Poison Ivy Spray works to cool and soothe areas of heat and redness with a blitz of botanical calm. Got the itchies and scratchies? Keep calm and chill out with jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) and plantain’s (Plantago major/lanceolataprickle-pacifying properties.


Harvest tip: many of us might be friends with plantain (Plantago spp.) who is always underfoot, but jewelweed tends to keep her feet wet near creeksides and streambeds. If you have a patch of jewelweed (Impatiens capensis), a fast-growing member of the impatiens family, you can nibble on those nutty-tasting seeds as a mini trail snack – just don’t let those springy seed pods escape your fingers!








May 12, 2016 — Red Moon Herbs

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