With the beginning of the new year in only a few short weeks, we wanted to celebrate early with the launch of our brand new website. Here at Red Moon, one of our biggest goals is to educate and inspire people to learn more how simple and powerful local herbal preparations can be. Our new site is chock full of features to help you find, learn more about, and use your favorite herbs.

Here are a few features that will help you to get the most out of our new website.

1. Product Descriptions

Check out our new and improved product descriptions that go along with each and every herbal product that we offer. Many of the descriptions include links to informative articles and videos from trusted herbalists that will help you gain a deeper understanding of what these herbs do.

Product Descriptions 

2. Search

It just got a whole lot easier to browse our site for the herbs that you are looking for, even if you might not know what those herbs are yet. You can search by Collections, located in the top menu bar, for herbs that are specific to a certain body system or area of the body.


Or try using our handy search bar to seek out certain herbs or keywords. For example, a search for 'heart' will bring up hawthorn, an adaptogen for the heart, our Heart Tonic formula, and motherwort, or Leonurus cardiaca, another strong preparation for the heart.


3. Customer Accounts

Tired of typing in your shipping information or tying to remember what herbs you ordered last cold and flu season? Now you can register with Red Moon and we will keep that data safely and securely within your customer account. Registration is optional but only takes about a minute and is one way to make ordering a whole lot simpler!

Customer Accounts

4. Mobile Version

We know that you are busy taking care of yourself, your family, and all the little details of life. So that's why we've made it easy for you to put together an order of herbs to stock your kitchen or bathroom cabinet even when you're out and about. Check out the new mobile version of our site to see how simple it is to use.

 Mobile Version



November 04, 2016 — Heather Wood Buzzard
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