Dried Herb Bundles of Nettles and Oatstraw

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Our dried herb bundles give you the most herb for your buck. They are a fantastic way to try out nourishing herbal infusions for the first time or to stock up on your dried herbs while saving more than 15% off individual herb prices!

Choose from:

  • 2 Herb Bundle (small): 8 oz organic oatstraw, 8 oz organic nettles
  • 2 Herb Bundle (large): 16 oz organic oatstraw, 16 oz organic nettles
We strongly suggest storing dried herbs in glass containers with a bay leaf to maximize freshness or storing them in the fridge. This eliminates the potential for moths or other critters puncturing paper or plastic bags.


Please note that due to the high shipping costs we incur with shipping dried herbs, herb bundles are NOT eligible for free shipping. 

Customer Reviews

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Essential for my herbal blends

I was so happy to see a bundle of nettle and oatstraw as I often brew them together. Really great quality herbs and such a good value! I make a pot of tea with nettle, oatstraw, tulsi, and lemon balm almost daily, and this will last me a long time.

Nicole Mandel
Help for aging gracefully.

After reading Susun Weed's advice on helping your body process all the juju that goes on with perimenopause I knew I wanted to begin making a tincture of Oatstraw and Nettle. I searched for a sustainable woman owned company and found perfection in RedMoon. I combine the 2 bags into a 2.5 gallon glass jar and mix them up. A deep sniff before infusing is like being in a summer field! Then comes the good stuff, boil the water, gentle pour over the gifts from mother earth and then let sit covered for 8 hours. The flavor is slightly sweet, the color ranges from bright green to a meditative ochre, it give me a boost of energy like nothing else. Two 8 oz glasses a day. The first one with added drops of RedMoon's Flash dance, Dandelion, Ginsing and Solomon's Seal tinctures and I have not had a hot flash in a month. Astonishing. Thank you RedMoon for the freshest, quality, sustainable earth herbs!!!!

Krista Gibson
Excellent product

I bought these after a suggestion from a health professional. Easy to make and very smooth to drink. Highly recommend.

I love these

I had never tried oatstraw or nettle tea before ordering but now I love them both. I particularly enjoy adding a spoonful of maple syrup my daily cups. I look forward to drinking them every day.

Mesa Smith
My new daily tea

Oh my goodness, this is my new favorite tea! I wanted to try nettle, and figured why not, I'll check out the oatstraw while I'm here. I am so glad I did! I infuse them together (I did them separately at first), and I have about two cups a day. It is an earthy taste with natural sweetness. In addition, it is very relaxing and a great end to my busy day, and wonderful to wind down in the evenings. Red Moon Herbs, I love you!