Holy Basil Dried (Tulsi)

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Holy basil or tulsi (Ocimum spp.: O. africanum or O. sanctum) makes a fragrant and delicious tea that may promote a healthy response to stress and a calm mind and body. This sweet tea is locally grown in North Carolina and looks and smells just as divine as it tastes.* 

Looking for holy basil/tulsi tincture instead?

Note: our tulsi leaf and flower is lovingly hand-processed on a small family farm. Please note that some plant 'dust' or sediment is absolutely normal and a result of the delicate leaf and flower cutting process that our tulsi goes through.

How to Use:

To make a tea, steep 1-2 teaspoons of dried herb in a cup of boiled water for a few minutes or to taste. Strain and enjoy with a bit of honey, if you wish. 

Holy Basil (Tulsi) Dried Herb Ingredients:

(4oz.) Holy basil leaf, stem, and blossoms (NC Grown, organically cultivated, or non-certified naturally grown - varies from batch to batch)


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Contraindications may exist. Consult expert medical advice before using during pregnancy. Keep out of the reach of children.

Customer Reviews

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Very high quality tea! Very fresh!

Sharon Ohmberger
Fragrant and rich

I grow most of my own Tulsi but when I started adding it to a tea blend for friends and family I needed more than I had. The dried Tulsi I received from you all smelled SO good and is energetically very uplifting. Ordering more. Thank you for growing such a rich wonderful herb.

David hansen
Holy basil delight

I had run out my holy basil, I was going to stop at my local herb store, but didnt feel like the drive, I have ordered lots of stuff from redmoon but never dried herbs, the holy basil was an absolute delight, the smell would knock you down, this was dried perfectly, holy basil has a juicy fruit smell when dried properly, so glad I used you guys for my dried herbs, knowing you'll grow yours is reassuring on quality, and the packaging was just as good, wax lined paper folder, awsome guys, thanks again

Essential for my herbal blends

I am so pleased with this tulsi. I make a pot of tea almost every night with tulsi, nettle, oatstraw, and lemon balm, and tulsi provides that essential spicy sweetness that makes the tea come alive.

Divine, unique

I've had tulsi teas before, but this one is utterly unique. There's something sweet that rises above the spicy taste of the holy basil that makes this cup utterly divine and special. A new favorite.