There is a reason that many of our Red Moon customers have been coming back to us year after year for more than two decades. Here are a few of the things that people have said to us about our products over the years (to read more reviews, check out specific product pages on our site or click here):

“Thank you for your prompt service, delivery, and helpful information. You make the best herbal products on the earth!”

"I love my Green Wonder Salve. Don't know what I'd do without it. I tried every 
lotion, anti-itch cream, steroid cream, even prescriptions didn't help my itching. After a few days of the Wonderful Salve, my itching was gone!  Got some for my Dad and he likes it too."
Deborah C.

I've been using [Poke Root Salve] for only a week on my 2 year olds hemangioma on her scalp. I’m amazed how the swelling is going down and the color is changing so excited to see what a month will do.

"Prior to using this oil my breasts were painful ALL THE TIME, I couldn't even wear a bra. After just a couple of weeks using this oil, wow! What a huge difference. The pain has diminished and they don't feel as tender anymore. Thank you so much. Smells so good, too.


"My Mom and I have been using Breathe Light for 2+ years. This year's pollen has been especially bad for allergy issues, and I will not be without this product. Thank you all for your hard work, and for maintaining the integrity of all of the products. I am a Health & Wellness Professional, and I recommend Red Moon Herbs!"

Helen June H.

"I love plants and have a deep faith and respect for their health-giving properties. For about a year I had a large and unsightly skin tag on the medial edge of my upper eyelid.  It continued to grow and became quite embarrassing.  One day my intuition told me to put Poke Root Salve on it, twice per day.  Morning and evening.  It actually grew larger and looked really nasty.  Knowing that change is actually good during a health journey, I didn’t panic and continued with my regimen.  It took about 6 weeks of dedicated and continual use then one day about 3/4 of it just fell off.  A week later the rest fell off. The skin is now smooth and completely scar free. Praise to the plants!

Janet M. 

"Loving the new site and so grateful for your company. Has made such a big difference for me in the past and hopefully in the future, too."
Charysse R. 
"Experienced, compassionate, friendly, helpful: four words to describe Red Moon Herbs and its staff. No matter what bottle you pick up it resonates with energy. They are always happy to go the extra mile. Thank you for your help with Mother Earth's herbal preparation cabinet, Jeannie!"
Annie A.
"I am a fan of your Rocky Mt Osha tincture. Several years ago a respiratory specialist recommended always carrying an inhaler and breathing in a medication in dust form twice a day for the rest of my life.  Instead, I found that Osha and breathing exercises solved my problem. I use it several times a year and my issues rarely recur. Thanks!"

Tom Elmore, Thatchmore Farm

"I have loved their products for almost 20 years ~ I trust them completely, and feel really good about recommending their products to my friends, family and clients!"

"The menopause tonic has been a godsend."
Debbie Atwood, Alaska

"I have a personal success story to share with you regarding your poke root salve.  I had a long dark skin tag in a very private place, I put some poke root salve on it and in less than a week, it had fallen off!  Viola!  Gonzo.  Yay." JM, Florida

“The herb tinctures I ordered from you are without question the best quality of any I have ever purchased. The smell, the taste, the spirit of the plants is powerfully present.”
Gail Stenstad, Limestone, TN

"I love the Magic Massage Oil that you ladies make. I used when I was doing cupping the other day and it was great."
TB, Fairview, NC

"I’ve had a difficult time with sinus infections this year and [your poke extract] really helped. Any time someone is ill in my family we start using the drops. I also use before I get on a plane and after just in case."
Fran Schultz, Berea, OH

“I’ve tried over a dozen products for my son’s severe excema, and nothing worked until I discovered your Comfrey Salve 5 years ago. It’s a miracle!”
Stacy Stanovitz, Charlotte, NC

“I hope you never stop making your Women’s Mooncycle Blend. I don’t know what I would do without it. I recently had to get off all medications due to upcoming surgery. The timing coincided with the middle of my cycle. I was in so much discomfort from severe PMS. I was on the edge of tears. Fortunately, this cycle, I am back on the tincture. The difference in my physical and mental well-being is remarkable. I have tried other blends and tinctures in the past, and nothing works as well as your products. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Karen Voelz, Hartford, WI

“I just wanted to let you all know how much your products have meant to me - to know that there are quality tinctures, made locally, and with such integrity.”
Stacey Bailey, Asheville, NC

“I’ve taken other vitex tinctures, and nothing works the way that yours does! You can just taste in your vitex the complexity of flavors, the range of constituents. I’m never going off yours again!”
Iris Stantanople, Greenville, SC

“I am loving your tinctures. They are definitely the best I’ve found. I can’t wait to tell folks that I have found Red Moon Herbs!”
Adrian Steinbach, Orlando, FL

“Thank you, ladies! The herbs are wonderfully fresh and fragrant. I don’t think I have ever received anything in the mail so fast. Keep up the awesome work!”

“I’ve always been a vitamin and mineral person. I never realized how much better I would feel by supplementing with herbs. Your products have made a positive difference in my health. Thank you!”
Cheryl Smith, Jacksonville, FL

“I can’t get over your motherwort tincture! It tastes like chocolate, and eases my PMS and mood swings like nothing I have known before. It’s like having a little 'mom' to lean on every time my mooncycle comes!”
Isis Canton, New York, NY

“The quality and care put into the making of Red Moon Herbs products is unsurpassed, from conscious communication with the plants and devas in the spirit of respect and gratitude to optimal harvest, processing and storage conditions. . .These herbs are enormously health-offering. I recommend them to my clients and use them daily for my own health maintenance.”
Diana Stone, PhD. Licensed Psychologist, Energy Healer, Asheville, NC

“My cat has had a problem with tumors for years. I recently discovered 15 lumps. I decided to use poke salve on the largest lump daily for two week…and it’s dissolved down to a small nub! This approach has been painless for Tabitha and costs a lot less too! Thank you and many blessings.”
Debbie Atwood, Anchorage, AK

“You make the most magical Green Wonder Salve! I have some here with supposedly the same ingredients, but yours is so much more wonderful than any other I’ve seen.”
Lisa Drake, Blue Hill, ME

“I have to thank God every day for Red Moon Herbs! I am a forty-five year old woman going through menopause and a divorce at the same time and I am doing everything I can with my will to keep myself off of any kind of pharmaceutical, whether it’s hormones or anti-anxiety. I’ve never even had as much as an aspirin in twenty years, and I am really trying to hold onto that belief. I bought your Menopausal Tonic quite a while back and I thought there for a while that I could go off it, and, boy, did I go off in a big way! What I learned was how important these products are and how wonderful you women are who are providing this for women like me. I just want you to know that it does make a huge difference! When I go off it, I go off! When I stay on it, I am much more at peace and I have much more balance. So thank you so much, you are providing an incredible service!”
Penny Ohlstein, Medford, NJ

“I love your products! Your vinegar is amazing!”
Gina Rafkind, Flanders, NJ

“I wanted to let everyone know at Red Moon Herbs how thankful I am that you are here and that you make such wonderful plant-derived products. I had been having problems with heavy and irregular menstrual bleeding for years and had tried everything from acupuncture to birth control pills, and nothing helped. I heard from a good friend that I should try taking the vitex tincture that you make, and after taking it for the last three months I finally have been having regular, healthy cycles. It has been such ease after so long struggling with this and I just wanted to thank you! Plants are packed with amazing and powerful constituents and are so incredibly undervalued in our modern medical system today. It also gives me joy to feel my body echoing the cycles of the earth instead of trying to be artificially controlled by synthetic hormones, which is the only thing in Western medicine for abnormal bleeding. By providing an alternative to this irksome medical model, you’ve helped me learn to trust my own body again and its ability to heal itself.”
Sarah Werner, Dallas, TX