Here's a fairly simple explanation of the many differences between essential and infused oils. We get asked all the time if we sell 'oils', and we say yes: infused plant oils, but not essential oils. Here's why!

Herbal Extracts vs Essential Oils

Are there essential oils in any of your products?

A few of our external-use only products include a minute hint of organic, conscientiously sourced essential oils for potentiated benefits and a light pleasant aroma. For sustainability reasons, we choose to use no more than 1.875 drops essential of rosemary and lavender per 1 oz bottle in our Breast Massage Oil. The same ratio goes for the birch and rosemary in our Re-Leaf Salve and the lavender in our Poke Salve.

There are less than two drops essential oil per 600-1000 drops in each 1 oz bottle, only enough to lightly scent it and not enough to have a physiological effect of significance. If it's poke you're after and you're looking for an option free of any essential oils, please choose Poke Root Oil. If you're looking for poke with a touch of lavender oil, we recommend the salve

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Essential Oils and Sustainability

We think about this stuff a lot: the sustainability of plant preparations in a warming world where many resources are strained and long-term vision is critical. There are SO many issues with essential oil use, but to us one of the foremost is the price the plants/planet pay because of the amount of plant matter needed and how that plant matter is grown, by whom, using what methods etc..
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The use of essential oils is not something we ever take lightly because if we do, these plants may not be here in such abundance for our children's and grandchildren's generations. Share this with your essential oil friends and keep the conversation going!

Lavender Essential Oil Know the Facts