by Corinna Wood

For many in the Northern Hemisphere, February can be a harsh and bitter month.  It is often cold and dreary.  Yet at the same time, small but sturdy signs of new life begin to appear: lambs are born, ravens build their nests, days get softly longer, and the earth begins to be tilled. The fertility of the land is being reborn.

In Celtic Lore, Imbolc is the time of year when old woman winter is transformed into the young maiden of spring – Bridgid, goddess of regeneration and abundance. At this time of year, the ancient weather divinations asked “How much longer will the winter last?” Modern folklore has translated this into Groundhog’s Day – watching to see whether the groundhog will emerge from its hole and see it’s shadow!

Traditional celebrations use this time to compost what has become stagnant and plant seeds of intention for the coming year.  At Earthaven Ecovillage, we celebrate the season by honoring the fertility of the land – last year we tied elven dolls in the barns over where the animals sleep to bless their protection and health.

As the sun begins to strengthen, take a moment to honor the season, strengthening your bodies, minds, homes, community and spirits. Celebrate the life-force in your own life in whatever ways you feel most called.

Happy Imbolc!

January 26, 2012 — Red Moon Herbs

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