by Corinna Wood

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Red Moon Herbs is transitioning directorship from Corinna Wood to a very special Asheville herbal colleague, Jeannie Dunn.

Jeannie Dunn and Corinna Wood

Jeannie Dunn comes from generations of family farming in the Piedmont and has been making preparations and wildcrafting herbs in the mountains for many years. Jeannie has long admired Red Moon Herbs as the most established small-scale herbalism company in the region, known for making potent extracts from local plant sources.

So Jeannie Dunn approached Corinna about Red Moon Herbs, and through their dialogue, Corinna decided to transition her ownership role to Jeannie.

As Corinna says, “I am so delighted that Jeannie has all the strengths–head, heart, and herbal–to oversee both the art and the science of this earth-based Wise Woman herbal business and herb hub” As Jeannie takes directorship of the business, Corinna will continue to stay involved for guidance and support.

Corinna speaks with the awe of a mother witnessing growth and change over the decades, as she says that, after twenty years of mothering Red Moon Herbs, she feels like her child has grown into a beautiful being who is ready to leave home! Passing this torch to Jeannie allows Corinna to focus more fully on the educational programs through SE Wise Women, including the SE Women’s Herbal Conference and the Wise Woman Herbal Immersion.

Under Jeannie’s leadership, Red Moon Herbs will maintain existing systems that take fresh, local plants and create potent preparations in accordance with the FDA requirements. Jeannie is enthusiastic to grow the existing business and bring more awareness to our region of Red Moon Herbs’ mission while maintaining the 20-year integrity of this unique and solid herbal extracts company.

As a valued customer and reader, we truly appreciate your loyalty and love for the preparations Red Moon offers. We’re delighted to provide Red Moon Herbs’ unique products to you and your community. Please feel free contact Red Moon Herbs (888-929-0777) should you have any particular requests or suggestions.

Thank you for welcoming Jeannie Dunn into the Red Moon Herbs family. And thank you for being part of the magic of Red Moon Herbs!

November 19, 2012 — Red Moon Herbs
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