Nature offers the BEST springtime tonic.

Whether you’re pleasantly well rested or suffering from cabin fever, Spring Equinox is the time to rediscover all the glories of the natural world!

This March, I’ve been walking around my community, visiting the sites where we garden–a blessed time, after such a hard winter here in our neck of the woods. Destruction from the winter in the form of downed trees and exposed, muddy areas, are evident everywhere. Yet new growth is also popping up.

As children, we are, bewilderingly, kept away from “dirt” and the wildness of the outdoors. Thus we grow up more as caged creatures than the wilder humans our ancestors were. My son, who has grown up without television, recently commented on people watching the Nature Channel. “Why, Mom..." he queried “would they watch squirrels on television when they could look right out the window and wait to see what appears?”

Why indeed?

We’re now experiencing stress and illness in epidemic proportions from sick homes and buildings, caused by toxic carpets, overhead lights, insufficient airflow, and the lack of movement in our bodies.

Why not take the time this spring to watch the animals, clouds, plants, wind and sun do their spring dance? It is guaranteed to calm the nervous system and nourish the heart and soul. What else could make that claim?

My “Keep it Simple” Plan for Spring Well Being:

  • Harvest some dandelion blossoms. Add them to your salads as a garnish. They open the solar plexus, the sacred power center in the middle of our bodies. The yellow is the color of the liver and of spring. Take in their beauty and message.
  • Pick and eat some chickweed raw from the earth. It’s the first herb to flourish in the cold spring. Walk along and munch. Let your heart be opened by their green glory!

May the regenerative capacity of our resilient mother earth be a reminder to us that there is life after death, renewal after suffering, and plenty of MUD!

March 15, 2010 — Red Moon Herbs

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