by Anne Knoflicek

Plantain contains beneficial properties that can be easily accessed through a simple “spit” poultice for bites, stings, and rashes.  The sooner you apply it, the faster you will experience ease.

Plantain 'Spit' Poultice

1. Positively identify plantain (very abundant, especially in lawns)

2. Chew leaf until it is soft, and spit onto bug bite, sting or wound

3. Cover with a bandaid to hold it in place

4. Remove, refresh, and reapply whenever discomfort or irritation returns – every few minutes to every few hours.

Saliva contains anti-microbial enzymes that protect our mouths and digestive systems from the outside world. These protective enzymes are the reason most animals instinctively lick their wounds.

Even so, if you or your family member is uncomfortable with the saliva aspect of this method, simply chop the plantain with a knife or put it in a blender with a little water to release its health-giving juices. Or grab some of our best-selling Green Wonder Salve to carry with you wherever you go. 

June 08, 2012 — Red Moon Herbs

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