by Lee Warren

Continuing in our theme of introducing you to some of the amazing teachers at the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference, here’s an interview with Anyaa McAndrew.

What are you currently excited about teaching?


I love creating spaces where women can connect in a WE Space or Sacred Space. As women we do the “Field of Unity Consciousness” so well!

I also love teaching topics where the I space can get strengthened, like when women discover the depth and breadth of “Who I Really Am” and “What my own place on the Wheel of Life is.”

It is my joy and challenge to inspire women to step into their own spiritual and personal authority in a dying patriarchal culture that is still fighting with the feminine.

I feel that we can make a big splash in our lives if we have a strong I, and a strong WE.

What theme do you see as you travel the country and work with women?

Women love to be together! 


Taking my Shamanic Priestess Process and other work around the country, I experience so much excitement when women come together to do personal~spiritual work.

Women naturally step onto a spiritual path when they are invited in a way that is inclusive, honors all ways and honors diversity of all kinds. I have always experienced woman as hungry for the work of the soul, and hungry for work that allows them to express themselves fully.

 How does Shamanic Astrology help women in their lives?

Shamanic Astrology honors the feminine in a way I have never experienced with other Astrological systems, probably because it honors the Goddess or the Divine Feminine within each of us through the archetypes we carry. It also recognizes that there are no bad archetypes or signs, and that shadow is natural for every archetype, which allows us to laugh at ourselves and see ourselves from a witness perspective. That alone allows us to change and grow with more grace and ease!

 Why is 2012 important for women?

Women are being called to step into what is being referred to as the “Solar Feminine,” which was heralded by Venus transiting the face of the Sun this past June.

As a Collective, we have been the quiet lunar feminine for way too long, pulled in and pulled back while we were encouraged and also forced to let the Patriarchy have its way with Gaia. Now it’s time to step up, stand up, and speak out, and nothing is stopping us.

If we don’t become authentically ourselves, it seems that something arises in our lives that confronts us to just do it, NOW. This is the year of all the prophecies of the indigenous peoples, it’s called the “Shifting of the Ages.”

We are far more influential than we may think we are! This is the keynote for us in 2012—no more time for hiding and playing it safe and comfortable.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Conference!

Anyaa McAndrew is a psychotherapist and teacher with 31 years experience in the sacred work of emotional, sexual, and spiritual health. She’s facilitated The Shamanic Priestess Process ™, the Sexual Priestess Process™ and the Shamanic Magdalene Mysteries™ around the US and in Costa Rica, integrating a lifetime of health-focused work with women. Anyaa is also a Master Shamanic Astrologer, Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner, Sacred Sexuality Educator, and Imago Couples Therapist.

June 04, 2009 — Red Moon Herbs

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