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Healing Wise

$ 17.95 $ 14.36

Our favorite herbal, this best-selling book contains a lyrical description of the Wise Woman Tradition of healing and in-depth chapters on seven common healing plants: burdock, chickweed, dandelion, nettles, oatstraw, seaweed, and violet. We keep well-loved copies in our kitchens for easy access to the nourishing recipes for wild herbs and foods, such as Dandelion Garlic, Nettle Stew and many more.

"Healing Wise sets forth the foundations of the Wise Woman Tradition, contrasting them with the Heroic and Scientific views of healing. "Weeds draw us into ancient wisdom in a clear and refreshing way," says herbalist Rosemary Gladstar."

"I see the Wise Woman. She carries a blanket of compassion. She wears a robe of wisdom. From her shoulders, a mantle of power flows. She ties the threads of our lives together. I see the Wise Woman. And she sees me."

- excerpted from GoodReads.com

Paperback, 295 pages

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