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Divine Daughters: Liberating the Power and Passion of Women's Voices

$ 22.00 $ 14.30

"In a unique and refreshing narrative, Rachel Bagby offers a powerful testament to the connection between self-expression and personal power. Divine Daughters reveals the causal relationship between the discovery/recovery of one's unique voice, and the experience of oneself as powerful and, indeed, divine. Drawing on the experiences of her own tumultuous life -- including rape, homelessness, and then critical success -- Bagby chronicles the reclamation of both her voice and her passion and challenges her readers to do the same. With poetic lyricism and a great gift for storytelling, Bagby urges readers to reap the empowering benefits that come from tapping into one's own wellspring of sound and song."

    - excerpted from GoodReads.com

    Hardcover, 279 pages

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