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Artisanal Handcrafted Essential Oils

$ 10.00

We love to support other local Appalachian artisans and makers like Ian at Blue Ridge Aromatics, someone who we believe is displaying the ultimate in truly sustainable essential oil distillation. We are excited to offer these 5 ml bottles of oils made from conscientiously recycled or organically cultivated plant matter right here outside of Asheville, NC. Scroll down to learn more about their story.

From Ian:

African Blue Basil Essential Oil:

"100% Pure African Blue Basil essential oil (Ocimum, kilimandscharicum x basilicum “Dark Opal”), diluted in organic unrefined (golden) Jojoba oil. 10% dilution means its ready for topical use. The aroma of this oil is beautiful and complex; sweet and spicy basil notes with strong, earthy camphor and hints of lavender. This Jojoba blend makes a wonderful fragrance or massage oil with the aromatherapy benefits of being sinus-clearing, anti-bacterial and energizing.* We grow African Blue Basil as an annual using organic practices and spring water on our Forest Farm. To our knowledge, this is the only African Blue Basil essential oil available on the market."

Holy Basil (Tulsi) Essential Oil:

"100% Pure Holy Basil essential oil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), diluted in organic unrefined (golden) Jojoba oil. 10% dilution is still strong for topical use so those with sensitive skin may want to further dilute. This bio-dynamically farmed “Kapoor” variety is well-suited for growing in temperate climates. The aroma is a little spicy, earthy, slightly floral and sweet, with a lovely clove base note."

Lemon Peel Essential Oil:

"100% Pure Lemon (Citrus limon) Essential Oil. Steam-distilled in Western North Carolina from “waste” juiced, organic Lemon peels sourced from a local Ginger Beer and soft drink manufacturer. Smells like pure, beautiful and potent Lemon zest."

Lime Essential Oil:

"100% Pure Lime (Citrus x latifolia) Peel essential oil, steam distilled from fresh “waste” organic lime peels from a local beverage maker. This oil smells absolutely divine; just like limes but super sweet. Disinfectant, deodorizing and powerfully cleansing! A bonus of distilled citrus oils (vs pressed) is that they are not photosensitizing."

Lemon Balm 5% Essential Oil:

"100% Pure Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) essential oil, diluted in organic unrefined (golden) Jojoba oil. 5% dilution means its ready for topical use. Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and calming.* Biodynamically farmed and steam-distilled in Western North Carolina. The aroma is a beautiful combination of lemon and soap, just like the fresh herb that grows so prolifically but yields such little precious essential oil!"

Ginger Essential Oil:

"100% pure and authentic fresh Ginger Root essential oil. Steam-distilled in NC from “waste” juiced organic fresh ginger root from a local kombucha maker.  Warming, calming, anti-inflammatory and a digestive aid. Smells like fresh-cut ginger root. Fantastic for head, stomach and muscle aches!* Very potent aroma."

Fraser Fir (Christmas Tree) Essential Oil:

Fraser Fir: "Christmas Tree in a bottle, literally! Steam-distilled from whole Fraser Fir trees grown in the Southern Appalachians. This smells so much like a fresh cut tree that people look for a tree when they walk in your house. Fresh green balsamic top notes with a mild sweetness and a beautiful earthy forest undertone."

Eastern Hemlock Essential Oil:

"100% pure Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) essential oil. No-spray, wild-crafted. Steam-Distilled from the needles, cones and twigs. Woodsy, balsamic, earthy. Also called Canadian Hemlock, this oil is grounding and promotes balance while also being effective at clearing sinuses and the respiratory system.*"

Norway Spruce Essential Oil:

"100% Pure Norway Spruce (Picea abies) essential oil. This is a special small-batch, harvested in Candler, NC from no-spray landscape trimmings. Norway Spruce oil has an aroma like a walk through an alpine forest after rain and is a respiratory aid. It has a slightly sweet top note with mellow turpentine and rich-soil middle notes on top of a strong camphor base."

White Pine Essential Oil:

"100% Pure Pinus strobus essential oil. White Pine is a dominant Southern Appalachian forest species that grows fast and large. The aroma of the essential oil is of fresh pine with slight balsamic and soapy notes. A very familiar scent for locals! White Pine oil is powerfully cleansing and refreshing. No-spray, wild-crafted."

Wintry Mix Essential Oils of Thuja, Fraser Fir, Common Juniper, Norway Spruce, Leyland Cypress

About Blue Ridge Aromatics

We only sell our own essential oils that are distilled in-house, so we can ensure that all best practices are observed through the entire harvest and production process. Our inventory changes with the seasons.

We take transparency seriously. Unless otherwise clearly stated, you are getting 100% pure, species-authentic essential oil that we have carefully and sustainably harvested by hand, steam-distilled in stainless steel and the oils handled, stored and bottled in sanitary dark glass.

Each small batch has its own story and our labels tell you the batch number, plant parts used and the weight of the plant material that made that bottle of oil.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Further, this product is not intended for consumption.

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