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The Red Moon Herbs family has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Get to know our current staff members below.

Red Moon Herbs Family

Jeannie Dunn (Director)

Jeannie Dunn, Red Moon Herbs DirectorJeannie Dunn is the owner of Red Moon Herbs. Started in 1994 by Corinna Wood and Jessica Godino, Red Moon Herbs has seen many changes over the past 20 years, including a fourfold in growth, two apothecaries, compliance with FDA regulation. Throughout these changes, the focus and mission of the business has remained strong and true: to create herbal products from local, abundant plants. As an herbalist and NC native, Jeannie has been wildcrafting and making herbal extracts, oils and salves for about a decade. She studied at the NC School of Natural Healing and One World Healing Arts, but her herbal roots go much further back, to the back-to-basics lifestyle infused in her as a child. She picked strawberries, canned vegetables and pulled weeds from row crops with her parents and three siblings on their multi-generational family farm in Efland, NC. Today, knowing the powerful healing properties of those “weeds”, Jeannie happily uses them in her fermentations, herbal extracts and fun elixirs. Jeannie oversees both the art and the science of this earth-based, Wise Woman herbal business and apothecary. Jeannie's beloved herbs: Milky Oats Extract, 

Michael Akers (Wildcrafting)

Michael Akers, Wildcrafter

Michael began his wildcrafting career at the age of 4 with the family tradition of wild mushroom harvest. He grew up in Prague, Czech Republic and enjoyed weekends and holidays at the family cottage in Uvaly outside Prague. The local forest beside the family getaway provided many adventures with friends and a diversity of mushroom foraging. He picked apples from an abandoned orchard and found creative ways to make a little spending money as a teenager, also picking currants, gooseberries, cherries and other herbs in the meadows. He worked alongside his family who encouraged fruit tree propagation, vegetable gardens and the care of small livestock. He brought his passion to the U.S. and expanded his knowledge of medicinal mushrooms for personal and professional use. Michael currently forages reishi, turkey tail, usnea, maitake and other herbs for Red Moon and works on his mushroom log production and sustainable wood harvesting business. His goals for the near future are expansion of challenging wild-simulated mushrooms such as lion’s mane, maitake and inoculated birch trees with chaga plugs for a more sustainable harvest.

Karena Harmon (Operations Manager)

Karena Harmon, Office Manager

Karena Harmon has worked in the Holistic Health field for well over a dozen years and is a Certified Herbalist, Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Medicine Maker, Yogi and Reiki practitioner. Karena began her official journey into Herbalism and Nutrition in 2005 at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona . Since then she has completed various internships and apprenticeships around the country finding inspiration in the natural world. Her self study of herbs began much earlier after questioning the limitations of western medicine and knowing in her heart that there were alternative paths. She has made holistic health her way of life and not just a study. 

Cherished herbs: Yaupon Holly for a nice pick-me-up in the morning, Astragalus & Ashwaghanda to build vitality, and Solomon's Seal for joint health 

Heather Wood Buzzard (Writing/Design/Research/Wildcrafting)

Heather Wood Buzzard, Herbalist, Writer, and Wildcrafter

Heather Wood Buzzard, MA, works to craft the wild, with words and photographs, into a way of being wild in a world in need of exactly that. She apprenticed at Herb Pharm, the largest producer of medicinal tinctures in the US, where she completed a season engaged in deeply learning and integrating a range of herbal knowledge from the production, processing and medicine making side to the areas of anatomy and physiology, botany and plant spirit medicine. Heather completed her clinical herbalist training at the Appalachian Center of Natural Health with fourth generation herbalist Phyllis Light while also receiving her MA in writing with a Certificate in Narrative Medicine. Heather, with her husband and son and their rotating ark of animals, dwells in the botanical abundance of Madison County.



 Tammy Wood (Events/Sales)









Tammy Wood with Comfrey

Tammy is a family herbalist and a mother of two. Growing up on a farm, she has been passionately advocating a healthy lifestyle for herself, loved ones and generations to come. For over a decade, she has been wildcrafting and cultivating herbs for the natural medicines that she creates. At Red Moon Herbs, she handles sales at special events and demonstrations at local retail stores. 

Her beloved herbs are nettle infusion because it makes her feel like Superwoman, St. John's wort oil for her cramps, aches, and pains, and Red Moon Cider to keep her immunity up and for a tasty treat on her salad.



Michelle Jimenez (Production Manager)   




















Michelle Jimenez, Production Assistant

Michelle grew up in Miami, FL and was handed down her love of plants from her grandmother and parents. She would spend time outside with her grandmother pointing out different plants and enjoying nature. After a big life change years later, she decided to take her life in a new direction and participate in work trade opportunities in North Carolina. It was at one of these locations where she discovered her love for herbalism and applied to the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine. During her time at BRSHM she became an intern for Red Moon Herbs and was hired on a few months later. She continues to learn everyday and is grateful for the opportunity of this journey.

Favorite herbal products: Heart Tonic, Solomon’s seal extract and oil, and linden



Anna Downes (Production Assistant)

Anna Downes, Production Assistant

Anna, from an early age, has been enamored by the beauty and power of the plant world. Born in North Carolina, but destined to be a nomad by virtue of her father’s career as an army doctor, she always knew she would come back to this beautiful place. Although she didn’t know she was playing with medicinals, her childhood school recesses were spent happily making “mixtures” of dandelion, violet, and red clover that covered the school’s lawn. A mother wholly invested in providing health food and herbs for Anna and her siblings provided a strong background in appreciating and valuing quality foods and formed the idea that food is truly medicine. All this quietly bubbled in her background while Anna pursued her Montessori certification in San Diego and then went on to teach for 3 years. Working her summers on organic farms further interested her in the field of herbalism. Years later, when hiking the Appalachian trail, she became even more determined to study herbs since she saw so many different flowers, mushrooms and plants that she yearned to identify. After the Appalachian trail she saved money to attend the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine, to get a more guided approach to the world of herbs, and to be in a place where there was an abundance of them. She loves living, working, and playing  in the WNC region and learning new things from her grounded and knowledgeable mentors at Red Moon Herbs. 

Sofia and Sam (Junior Wildcrafters)                                                                                                  

Sofa, Jr WildcrafterSam, Jr Wildcrafter

Cedar (Junior Junior Wildcrafter)

Cedar, Jr Jr Wildcrafter