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Full - Rachel Bagby (Audio CD)

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A wise woman in so many ways, Rachel Bagby is an inspiration and voice for women from all walks of life. From Rachel:

"Sisters and Brothers, Daughters and Sons, it’s an honor & a joy to tell you: that voice is wrong!

You are more than a poet, a singer, a speaker – you are an instrument. And your full, resonant voice – the unheard anthem – might very well be the most critical song of our time. Of all time.

I specialize in helping women of all ages amplify their powers as leaders – of companies, of causes, of communities, of change. Because expressing your wonder – and empowering others to do the same – leads to accelerated wisdom, unprecedented connection, and quickens the tempo of human evolution.

Let’s get wiser, with wonder, together…
One breath, one note, one syllable at a time."

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