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Moon Meditations (Audio CD)

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Robin Rose Bennett is a wise woman herbalist who leads listeners on a lunar journey in this exquisite meditation.

This audio CD is designed to help women and men re-connect with the cycles of the moon. Each side is 30 minutes and begins with an invocation to the seven directions to create a sacred circle and ends with opening and giving thanks for the circle. Working with the cycles of the moon helps shift your experience of time from linear to cyclical and evokes female energy (and healthy females!)

Side A: New Moon meditation…you meet with your own Wise Woman within and set an intent for this moon cycle (month), planting a vision seed under the dark moon…and resting in the fertile darkness.

Side B: Full Moon…reflecting on bringing your intent to whatever degree of fullness you can within one moon cycle…and bathing in the light of the Full moon.

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