by Corinna Wood

At Red Moon Herbs and Southeast Wise Women, our primary focus is on women’s health. We offer classes and events that are dedicated to this focus, offering a women-only space.

However, this sunny time of year draws our attention toward honoring the yang, solar, male aspects as well. As I watch my son in his adolescence, I find myself endeared and humbled to witness the tender stages of development boys go through to embody that truly yang, enlightened masculine force.

Ema Carmona, my right hand woman, began working at Red Moon Herbs 9 years ago when her son Noah was 6 years old. Today, he’s a sophomore in high school and almost as tall as she is (see right)!

When you call Red Moon Herbs about your herb order, you’ll likely speak with Julie McMahan (pictured below). Doing Customer Service at Red Moon Herbs and mothering her son Forest has kept Julie on her toes this first year of his life!

Solar energy is active, dynamic, and expansive. It is embodied by both women and men, yet most traditions associate it primarily with the masculine. Not the wounded masculine of the patriarchy, but rather the sacred masculine – that pure force we see coming through our sons, partners, inner selves.

On this Solstice, let us remember that the sun is balanced by the moon, lightness is balance by darkness, and yang is balanced by yin. Take a moment to honor the pure masculine in its many forms, knowing that both polarities are needed to dance into dynamic balance.

June 20, 2012 — Red Moon Herbs

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