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Herbal Elixir Hot Toddies
In our household, we are virtually living on Elderberry Elixir and Garlic Elixir right now. My 1.5 year old takes both every few hours during times of acute illness, and just as a form of herbal cold and flu prevention he takes them daily (might I add he LOVES taking them daily!). So...we go through a LOT of these wonderful panacea herbs and are always looking for more ways to incorporate them into life. Here's a recipe we concocted that involves using any of our four elixirs - elderberry, mushroom, belly, and garlic - as an add-on to a traditional (or not-so-traditional) hot toddy, the ultimate get-through-the-winter seasonal drink for delicious and fun immune support.
Please check out our note about making any of our extracts (even the ones extracted in alcohol!) more alcohol free for kids, pets, and those avoiding alcohol!
herbal hot toddy recipe
Experiment with this herbal hot toddy recipe and see which one you like the best! You'll find all of our organic, fresh-extracted herbal elixirs here (and until January 31, use code ELIXIR to get 20% off!):
January 13, 2018 — Heather Wood Buzzard

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